PTDI (Indonesian Aerospace) Collaborate with Infoglobal

Pratiwi - Sabtu, 25 Desember 2021 17:36 WIB

BANDUNG ( - PTDI (Indonesian Aerospace) signs MoU with Infoglobal to collaborate on the integration of the Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) mission system on the N219.

The agreement will see PTDI & Infoglobal team up to explore competences we both have, which later will result the other new configuration for N219, not only for passenger, medical evacuation and cargo but also surveillance.

The MoU is signed by Adi Sasongko as Infoglobal CEO and Gita Amperiawan as Director of Commerce, Technology, and Development of PTDI, at Kawasan Produksi II PTDI, Bandung, (8 December 2021).

With the cooperation, N219 aircraft will be developed with special design as Maritime Surveillance Aircraft or MSA. Infoglobal Mission System that has previously installed on NC212 MPA will be developed further to be used on N219 MSA produced by PTDI.

According to Gita Amperiawan, the purpose of the cooperation is to collaborate the national aerospace industry.

“First, the big aim of this MoU is surely to collaborate two national aerospace industries, in this case PTDI for its competence in aviation and Infoglobal for its competence in mission system to result aircraft product with the capability of mission system surveillance that can be utilized by this nations”, said Gita.

In addition, the N219 aircraft is expected to penetrate the market with various variants, including MSA.

“Secondly, this is a part of how PTDI product, N219 can penetrate the market with various configurations, previously we know that N219 configurations are passenger, medevac, cargo, with this collaboration N219 next can be used for MSA, both for military and commercial also. Later, of course, the Feasibility Study (FS) will be made based on needs. We are optimistic that from the FS we are quite prospective,” he added.

Infoglobal CEO, Adi Sasongko added that Infoglobal Mission System can add the TKDN value and fulfill the MSA market, especially in the domestic market. “It is hoped that in the future the TKDN will also be higher, supported by domestic component industries. We are sure that this collaboration will start a new and more realistic chapter of manufacturing the aircraft with more domestic components. The first target market is domestic, later after this we can sell a lot abroad,” said Adi Sasongko.

Infoglobal Mission system is original Indonesian product which has various features to enhance the N219 in conducting maritime surveillance operations, including the detection and identification of ship targets, the capability to calculate position, velocity, and dynamic heading target which can then display SAR Route by transmitting surveillance results to KRI or closest ground station, so that surveillance mission on N219 aircraft can be carried out effectively.

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