Mash Moshem Achieves ISO Accredited Vegan Trademark by BeVeg

Pratiwi - Minggu, 17 Oktober 2021 06:55 WIB
Achieves ISO Accredited Vegan Trademark by BeVeg

SURABAYA ( - Mash Moshem Indonesia is one of the first certified vegan cosmetic manufacturing facilities in the world, having just been named "Best Cosmetics Manufacturer of the Year."

Mash Moshem, being one of the largest cosmetic manufacturing firms, tries to deliver the finest service to its customers, which includes making it simple for private label and white label customers to create legal vegan cosmetics.

Mash Moshem Indonesia is a cosmetic production company with a lot of experience.
Since its inception in 2011, this company has cooperated with over 531 cosmetic brands and generated over 1190 cosmetic goods.

"Vegan skin care and cosmetics are increasingly popular around the world since they are deemed safer to use and more environmentally friendly," Asmaul Fauziah and S.Farm of the Mash Moshem Research Team said.

"BeVeg vegan certifications are the most trustworthy vegan benchmark for vegan claims and labelling in the worldwide marketplace," says the company.

Mash Moshem's facility and all formulae, which are utilized by its private label brand partners around the world, have been certified vegan with BeVeg, the only ISO accredited vegan trademark in the world, to indicate free of animal material and cruelty-free.

"We will continue to do research, refine existing formulations, and develop new innovations, and we are dedicated to maintaining the BeVeg vegan certified integrity of each product formula we make."

"We're looking for items that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and cruelty-free," the study team added.

Mash Moshem Indonesia passed its on-site audit in accordance with ISO-accredited Beveg vegan criteria.

This will undoubtedly give many benefits for vegan cosmetics companies trying to compete in the worldwide market and gain access to new financial markets. (*)

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